Whether, it’s a weekend getaway or a river cruise along the Rhine that floats your boat, Germany has so much to offer.

Beautiful vibrant cities, breathtaking mountains, the Black Forest and over 20,000 castles make Germany a wonderfully diverse country to visit.

There’s many a reason to visit Munich. It’s football team, the Oktoberfest beer festival, sauerkraut and lederhosen are a few but it’s also a great base for exploring Bavaria. The state boasts ancient castles set amid stunning alpine scenery, world renowned art galleries and museums and spectacular lakes.

Visit Neushwanstein castle the fairytale fortress {Banner shot above} that inspired Disney’s Magic Kingdom or soak up the history and enjoy the views from the “Eagles Nest”, the wartime rocky mountain top venue of the Nazi Party, whilst the BMW museum should be on the map for all motor enthusiasts.

Düsseldorf on the Rhine, Hamburg on the Elbe, Berlin and Dortmund are also fantastic cities to visit and all rival Munich for culture and night life.


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