If you are considering an alternative holiday style, Japan could be your destination. Japan is a diverse and intoxicating Island. An ultra modern society founded on age old traditions, ideals and history. The contrast is huge. Tokyo has skyscrapers. It is high tech and vibrant. In its Shinjuku area, it boasts a world renowned nightlife scene and has the finest dining, incorporating 234 michelin starred restaurants whilst Kyoto is the historical heart of the country and the city to experience the culture of old Imperial Japan and is the home of the Geisha and Samurai. Hakone has Mount Fuji and in Samporo, Japan has one of the worlds leading ski resorts.

Japan is not just ticking off a bucket list destination, it’s become THE essential visit.

“The Golden Route”
Tokyo is endless entertainment. Fantastic dining, clubs and Karaoke bars, Robot Restaurants, Baseball and Sumo Wrestling, and plenty more. Risk the organised chaos that is the Shibuya crossing in Kimono, dubbed the busiest intersection in the world, to ascend to the 34th floor of the Shibuya Sky building for a 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo City or make time for an evening visit to the illuminated 1,092 foot high Tokyo Tower.
Visit Mount Fuji or view it from “the Bullet”, the Japanese high speed railway as you travel on to Kyoto, a city on the island of Honshu, once the islands Imperial capital.
Pay a visit to the Nijo Castle, now a UNESCO Heritage site but once the residence of the first Japanese Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, take in the many Buddhist temples, walk around Fushimi Inari, an 8th-century Shinto shrine and drop by Kyoto’s Gion district, to the Geisha zone.
Continue south to Osaka, capture Osaka Castle in Cherry blossom season  { pictured left } and Kobe and the city of Hatsukaichi to witness Miyajima, the floating Torii gate in Hiroshima Bay.
The best method of exploring the Islands is the Japan railpass a discounted “tourist only” multiride ticket, but be aware, the pass can only be obtained by prepurchasing outside of Japan.

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