If we had to sum up Kenya in just three words, we’d say this: savannahs, mountains and rich culture. The Kenyan people will tie the whole experience together with a bow – they’ll offer insights into their country’s traditions and guide you through the wonders they are so very proud of. Kenya is a nation bursting with both colour and pride in equal doses. And we completely understand why. It’s home to the unique Maasai people, unrivalled national parks and turquoise waters to make the Caribbean envious.

The warm, dry weather is relatively consistent all year round which is perfect for all the family to enjoy a whole host of activities. You’ll be able to refine your photography skills whilst out on safari and frolick on the white sandy beaches. Whatever you decide to get up to in Kenya, no-one can deny the magic and fascination of this beautiful country.

Discover Kenya

Kenya is all about diversity: from the varying ethnic groups of its people to the endless list of native wildlife.

The great thing about Kenya is the range of activities on offer for every type of holidaymaker imaginable. Nairobi city is as cosmopolitan as they come and hosts a great nightlife scene, whilst the Rift Valley is home to beautiful lakes and a sea of pink flamingoes. Experience the best of both worlds.

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