Its name is derived from the world’s oldest desert: the Namib. Some say Namibia is the perfect introduction country to the African continent. And we couldn’t agree more. There’s a whole host of natural beauty and impressive landscapes to explore – just make sure you’ve got your camera at the ready!

The wildlife is second to none here, along with the architecture and museums that tell the country’s long and important history. You can watch a beautiful sunset and sunrise over the famous sand dunes by morning and night. In the day, take a trip to Etosha National Park for the elephants, lions and springboks.

Discover Namibia

Sunrises to write home about and a stunning coastline – Namibia’s natural beauty is unrivalled.

Whether you’re wandering through the colourful coastal town of Lüdertiz or watching waterholes by night, you’re guaranteed to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this beautiful African country.

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